Piercing Aftercare

PIERCING AFTERCARE While your piercing(s) heal aftercare is essential to prevent infection. The pierced area will be tender and may be sore for a few days to a few weeks depending on the person and piercing. Take Tylenol for any discomfort. Clean the piercing twice each day with Bactine until healed. Turn the piercing at… Continue reading Piercing Aftercare

Micro Tattoos, Sometime Size Matters

Micro tattoos are typically smaller than the size of a quarter which fits perfectly in smaller places on the body like fingers, wrists, back of neck, side of ankles, and behind the ear. Tattoo rings are gaining popularity, especially tattoo wedding rings. Some professions prohibit the wearing of rings when working for health and safety… Continue reading Micro Tattoos, Sometime Size Matters

Tattoo Aftercare

Now that you have an amazing tattoo how you take care of your tattoo will effect how it heals, the health of your skin, and how fast it fades. Your tattoo may ooze plasma, a clear blood substance, as the body's natural defense to protect the open wound and form a scab. Plasma can push… Continue reading Tattoo Aftercare