Gift Certificates


Neck Deep Tattoo now offers digital gift certificates through Square for easy gift giving that will be enjoyed for a lifetime! Gift certificates are available in any amount and they never expire. They can be redeemed at Neck Deep Tattoo for tattoos, piercings, merchandise, tattoo wedding or vow renewal, or a Lucky 13 tattoo party. The gift certificate is easy to order online using the link below, then it is emailed to the recipient and you are emailed a copy. You are able to include a personal message with the gift certificate and send it immediately or schedule it to arrive on a future date.

Any dollar value can be purchased and if additional money is owed they can pay the difference. Not sure how much to give?
Tattoos start at $75 and we offer a Lucky Tattoo Jar filled with cool $75-$200 tattoo designs for just $75 and we rotate in new designs monthly.
Piercings are $40 for one hole like a single ear piercing, nose piercing, or belly button piercing. Jewelry and a full size Bactine aftercare are included.
A double piercing is $60 like a nipple piercing, double ear piercing, or double nose piercing. Jewelry and a full size Bactine aftercare are included.
A Tattoo Wedding or Vow renewal is $350 including wedding officiant and 2 tattoos.
A Lucky 13 Private Tattoo Party is $300 for the first hour $200 each additional hour.

If you want your gift certificate to cover all costs add in a bit extra to cover tax and tip.
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