What You Consume Can Effect Your New Tattoo

Tacos and tattoos
What You Consume Can Effect Your New Tattoo
Did you know what you eat before and after getting a tattoo can impact how you take ink and how it heals? When getting a tattoo alcohol and caffeine should be avoided for 24 hours prior to the tattoo session and 3 days after the tattoo session. Both alcohol and caffeine thin the blood. They both can increase bleeding which can causes the ink not to stay as well resulting in a blotchy tattoo. Increased bleeding can also cause scabbing which can negatively impact the healed result.
Dairy and sugar slow wound healing and can slow the healing of a tattoo. To speed the healing process or for people who have difficulty healing after an injury to the skin avoid dairy and sugar until the tattoo is fully healed.
DO EAT foods rich in vitamin C like broccoli, papaya, peppers, citrus, and dark leafy greens which aids in the healing process. They are all rich in antioxidants and stimulate collagen production in the body which helps to heal wounds.

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