Aloha, Welcome to Neck Deep Tattoo!

Welcome to Neck Deep Tattoo 46-178 Kahuhipa St Kaneohe with free parking in lot next to building!

Neck Deep Tattoo has talented tattoo artists that can create a custom design for you based on an image you provide or something you describe to them. We also have lots of cool tattoo flash on display to help provide inspiration.

We love micro (tiny) tattoos which fit perfectly on fingers, behind ears, on wrists and ankles, along the bikini line, and on the back of necks!

We can do pretty much anything, but we really love Realism portraits of people and animals, Floral tattoos, Military/Patriotic tattoos, Super Hero tattoos, Star Wars tattoos, Couples/BFF tattoos, tattoo Rings, American Traditional, New School, Realism, Lettering, Kanji, Pets, Nature, Skulls, Semicolon, Cancer Fighter/Survivor/Memorial, Micro (tiny designs), Cartoon/Animation Characters, Memorial Pieces, Black and Grey, Mandala, Sacred Geometry.

If you are feeling adventurous we offer a Lucky Tattoo Jar filled with awesome $75-$200 tattoo designs for only $75 (limitations apply).

Lucky Tattoo Jar

We offer free assessments of Tattoo Regrets and will let you know what kind of cover up is possible, if any, or if laser tattoo removal treatments are necessary first. Below are before and after photos of a cross turned into a superhero to better complement the clients shoulder and sleeve superhero design.


If you have tattoos damaged by sun exposure and aging we can brighten up and touch up older tattoos that are fading or started to change color. We can also enhance existing tattoos if you want to add color or if you want to add additional art to it like below.

The Summer of 2018 we started offering Tattoo Wedding and Vow Renewal services where you say “I DO!” in our shop then get tattoo rings or meaningful tattoos on other body parts as part of the ceremony and it is officiated by a licensed wedding official.

We have above the waist body piercing services and offer a discount when getting a piercing the same day as a tattoo.

Neck Deep Tattoo can be rented out for Lucky 13 private events where the shop is closed to the public and up to 13 people may attend and receive tattoos and/or piercings. This is perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties, girls/guys night out, going away parties, birthday parties, etc!


🎁 Neck Deep Tattoo offers physical gift cards at the shop as well as digital gift certificates available online. Both are available in any amount and make great gifts for those who are tattooed or pierced on your gift list. They may be redeemed for tattoos, piercings, merchandise or tattoo parties, or tattoo weddings!

Walkens Welcome

Tattoos and Piercings are available:

♦️1pm-7pm Wednesdays, Thursdays Sundays
♦️1pm-8pm Fridays & Saturdays
♦️Mondays & Tuesdays by appointment only.

Neck Deep Tattoo 46-178 Kahuhipa Street Kaneohe, Hawaii.
Free Parking next to building. Directly across from Windward Dodge, near Windward Mall.

Call 808-200-0161 during business hours to schedule an appointment. Neck Deep also accepts appointments by text through the link below or text 808-699-8683 to send a message. Someone from the Neck Deep Tattoo Crew will get back to you as quickly as possible! 

tattoo favicon

Tattoo Client Brett W. Quote: “Eddie and Mike have completed most by tattoos. I am always impressed with their artistic skills and professionalism. Highly recommend this shop if you need a good tattoo at a great price. Stop by and see them!!”

tattoo faviconTattoo Client  Robbie P. Quote: “Thank you so much. My tattoo has changed how I feel about my arm. I carried a scar for my whole life and finally I feel like I can show my elbow.”

tattoo faviconTattoo Client Ashley L. Quote: “Eddie did my tattoo!! Absolutely love it and he was super nice! They missed our call, but called right back! Amazing with customer service with a relaxing atmosphere!”

tattoo faviconTattoo Client Rhonda K. Quote: “First came here for an Ewok tattoo, this time a rose. From the first time I walked in the door I felt comfortable. Very helpful and friendly. Clean shop. Good prices.”

tattoo faviconTattoo Client  Steve K. Quote: “Mike is awesome. Everyone was very friendly.”