Tribute and Memorial Tattoo Designs

Tribute and Memorial Tattoo Designs
Tattoos are a permanent way to express love for a person or pet. The tattoo is a daily reminder of them and your love for them. The artists at Neck Deep Tattoo enjoy creating deeply meaningful tattoos for their clients and work with clients to capture the spirit of the person or animal they are celebrating with the tattoo.
All of the tribute and memorial tattoos we do have interesting and usually heart touching stories that go along with them. Like…
This skull and lilies with playing cards tattoo was a concept a client had after her friend died and had it created into a memorial tattoo. She brought in the rough sketch and tattoo artist Mike created a realism version of her concept. 
This praying hands tattoo was in honor of a clients brother who passed away. His brother’s initials are on the cuff links.
These feather couples tattoos are a memorial to the couple’s beloved cockatoo who passed away. One got a color version and the other got a black and grey version of the same tattoo.
This little monsters sleeve is a tribute to the clients grandkids with each monster showing a special trait of a different grandchild.
These family tree and quote tattoos are a tribute to the client’s family naming all of his siblings and his parents.
This lucky cat tattoo is a memorial to a clients grandmother who used to collect lucky cats and had them all around her house.
This mother and child tattoo is a tribute to a clients first child.
This bouquet of flowers tattoo is a tribute to the clients mom with her birthday in roman numerals.
Each tattoo holds very special meaning and memories for the clients. We enjoy hearing the clients stories and helping them create a tattoo that will honor their loved ones and memories. The talented artists at Neck Deep Tattoo can create custom tribute and memorial tattoo designs to honor family, friends and pets! Visit to see more examples of our work and call 808-200-0161 to schedule an appointment for a free consultation to discuss a custom design.

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