3/24/2020 In response to the COVID-19 Hawaii quarantine orders Neck Deep Tattoo crew has suspended tattooing and the tattoo shop is closed. Appointments that were scheduled will be rescheduled once the shop reopens. Below is a link to send a message to the Neck Deep Tattoo crew. Please send Neck Deep Tattoo a message:
>If you have any questions about getting a tattoo or piercing.
>If you want to go on a VIP list to be contacted to schedule an appointment once Neck Deep Tattoo reopens.
>If you have any questions about your existing tattoo or piercing from Neck Deep Tattoo.
Use the link below to send a message. Someone from the Neck Deep Tattoo Crew will get back to you as quickly as possible! Stay healthy, safe and quarantined. We look forward to tatting you when this is all over!




A $50 deposit is required to secure your tattoo appointment date and time.

The $50 is applied towards the cost of the tattoo when you come in for the secured date and time.

If the appointment date is cancelled, changed, or missed the $50 deposit is forfeited. 

Tattoo artists do not get paid unless they have appointments so it is essential if you reserve time with an artist you show up for your reserved time.



If you have an idea you for your next tattoo and do not have the art skills to create the image yourself our artists can do it for you! Neck Deep Tattoo’s talented artists can create one of a kind custom tattoo designs based on descriptions, images. and/or artwork you provide.

Designing of custom tattoos is time consuming and requires a very skilled Tattoo Artist. Tattoo Artists DO NOT design custom tattoos for free. Neck Deep Tattoo has a large selection of cool tattoo designs on display that you can choose from at no additional cost or you can bring in your own artwork for us to create a stencil from.

A $50 deposit is required to begin work on the artwork of a custom tattoo design. One modification is permitted once presented with completed artwork. If client requires more than 1 modification to the completed design once presented an additional $50 fee will be due for each additional modification.

The $50 deposit is applied towards the cost of the tattoo when you come in to get the completed custom design inked.
If your custom design required multiple modifications and additional fees were paid, only the initial $50 will be applied to the cost of the tattoo and any additional fees paid were paid for art design and will not be applied towards the cost of the tattoo.

Tattoo appointment must be scheduled at the completion of artwork. If the appointment date is cancelled, changed, or missed the $50 deposit for the custom artwork is forfeited.