Tattoo Aftercare

Now that you have an amazing tattoo how you take care of your tattoo will effect how it heals, the health of your skin, and how fast it fades. Your tattoo may ooze plasma, a clear blood substance, as the body’s natural defense to protect the open wound and form a scab. Plasma can push ink out of the skin and scabs draw ink out. Blot the plasma as it collects on the surface with a clean tissue or paper towel to prevent a thick scab from forming. How much and how long your body oozes varies from person to person but should stop oozing within 48 hours.


Tattoo Aftercare While Healing

For the first two days, keep the tattoo clean by washing with antibacterial soap and water daily during the healing process and apply an ointment like A&D ointment, Aquaphor, or other tattoo aftercare cream on the fresh tattoo every day, several times a day, to keep moist and protect from infection. As of the third day switch to applying lotion to keep the tattoo moisturized during the remainder of the healing process. Unscented lotion recommended is Nivia, Lubiderm, Cetaphil, and coconut oil. If tattoo is not wrapped, at bedtime put a clean towel or tshirt on sheets to absorb any ink and plasma that may weep overnight. Never bandage or put neosporen on tattoo. Avoid scratching and pulling off peeling skin will cause scarring. If you happen to get a scab do not pick it off. Let scabs heal naturally and fall off.  If skin redness develops during the healing that is a sign of infection and may require medical care. Please come to the shop for us to evaluate your tattoo if you have any issues or concerns.

Allow two weeks for tattoo artwork to heal before next session on the piece to add color or touch up any ink that fell out.  Until the tattoo is healed it is an open wound and it requires care to prevent germs and bacteria from entering the bloodstream causing infection.
Do not touch the healing tattoo unless applying aftercare ointment and don’t do that without first washing hands with soap and water.
Do not let pets touch, lick, stand on, or sit on healing tattoo.
Do not go into pool, sauna, hot tub, or ocean while with a healing tattoo as these are bacteria filled environments.
Do not soak the tattoo by bathing while healing, take a shower instead.

Neck Deep Tattoo offers a free touch up for tattoos 2-4 weeks after we apply your initial application.



Lifetime Tattoo Aftercare Once Healed

Sun exposure will have a large impact on how quickly the tattoo fades. Putting sunscreen on tattoos helps to protect them from the suns damaging rays. Conditioning tattoos with coconut oil or other body lotions helps to nourish the skin and keeps the tattoo looking bright. Dead dry skin flakes are what causes tattoos to look dull and faded. Using a exfoliation sponge on tattoos is an easy way to brighten up tattoos that start looking dull. Over many years tattoos can become faded. When this happens just come see the talented Neck Deep Tattoo Artists who can bright up colors, sharpen up line work, and even add to the design to make it look amazing again!

(808) 200-0161 |  46-178 Kahuhipa St k1 Kaneohe, HI 96744

Walk-in’s are welcome but to ensure you can get tattooed or pierced on the day of your choice call 808-200-0161 to schedule an appointment with a talented Neck Deep Tattoo Artist. We are open Wednesday through Sunday 1pm-11pm, closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Weekends are our busiest days.




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