How to Hide a Septum Piercing

How to Hide a Septum Piercing

Although septum piercing has become very mainstream there are still jobs and social situations where displaying septum piercings are not acceptable. It is easy to flip up and hide a standard horseshoe shaped septum piercing. Because of the placement of the hole during the piercing when the jewelry is flipped up it is not visible.

Septum piercings heal in 6-8 weeks. During the initial healing process you should keep the jewelry in that was used during the piercing. The piercing site should be cleaned daily using an antiseptic like Bactine as well as twist or move the piercing to make sure the skin is not healing attached to the jewelry. Make sure your hands are freshly washed whenever touching your piercings to prevent infection. After 6 weeks most piercing jewelry can be changed out if you want something different however, some piercings can be challenging to change out on your own. Neck Deep Tattoo offers free change out of your jewelry when you get your piercing at Neck Deep Tattoo or buy your jewelry at Neck Deep Tattoo! (If you did not get pierced at Neck Deep Tattoo and want to bring your own jewelry then jewelry change out is $25.)

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